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‘Hi Infidelity’ 40th Anniversary – “Take It On The Run” Reached the Top Five on the Billboard Singles Chart

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, with the positive news regarding our country opening up, restrictions on public gatherings being lifted, and our band getting together in person for the first time in fifteen months, I am finding the mental space to look back at the many amazing events of 1981, and enjoy celebrating their fortieth anniversary. This Sunday marks the date when “Take It On The Run” reached the top five on the Billboard Singles Chart. “Keep On Loving You” had reached number one earlier in the year, and this one-two punch created a phenomenon which had the Hi Infidelity album moving 250,000 albums per week. As the amazing year of 1981 rolled on, people around the world began to discover our prior albums, bringing us platinum plus for REO/TWO, Live, You Get What You Play For, You can Tune a piano, but you can’t Tuna fish, and Nine Lives. 1981 is a year we will always remember, and we are ever grateful for the REO Fan Family, as it was you all who took our music into your hearts and have not let go.

Bruce and Neal are flying into LA to join Dave, Bryan, and me, and our awesome crew in a couple of weeks, as we set up for production rehearsals. I am so happy that we were able to keep our entire crew together through the pandemic. We have never taken this much time off, so there will certainly be some rust to shake off. But having the familiarity of all the guys around us will help get us back in the saddle.

We are booked solid through mid-December, and we are very excited to hear that people are actually coming out to concerts! I am getting emotional at the thought of you all having stuck with us. I have never taken your support for granted, but I appreciate you all more than ever at this time. Live rock and roll, full arenas, theaters, and amphitheaters, the feeling of actually being in a room with our awesome fans…it is all coming back! I am feeling overcome with joy and gratitude. I can’t wait to see you all…soon! And I promise WE WILL ROCK YOU…kc