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TOUR UPDATE (8/23/2016)

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

Yesterday in Houston I was out for a walk along The Waterway when I heard live music jangling through the sweet night air. My ears led me on an adventure which landed me backstage at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion for the Dierks Bentley show, with special guest Randy Houser. I was wearing a Dierks pass and my White Sox cap, and I headed out into the front of house incognito¬†and sat down next to a woman who appeared to be totally into the opener’s performance. When I asked her if she knew who this talented young singer was, she smiled a big Alabama smile and said, “That’s my son!”. I watched the rest of the set with proud Mama Houser, who by the way, totally reminded me of my Mom in years past.

Anyway, I really enjoyed being part of the audience. I watched the show from a seat out front, checked out the beer stand, and the merch tables, watched couples kissing and dancing, and got totally into the pure joy of being at a live show. I brought that joy and inspiration with me into that same venue tonight for our show with Tesla and Def Leppard.

So I was warming up my fingers on a practice guitar when Joe Elliott walked into my dressing room and we started figuring out the chords and singing some obscure 60s songs together. We jammed on some Gerry and the Pacemakers, some David Gates (Bread), and an American folk singer, who we both agreed shall remain nameless…

The Def Leppard band, wives, and crew are all such a pleasure to tour with, and the Tesla guys are totally cool. So while the vibe backstage is super mellow, the show is a fricking powerhouse. The crowd goes crazy for all three bands every night. It’s awesome out here.

Anyway, we totally rocked Houston tonight. We have formed a strong connection with the people of Houston over the years. (We did play a sellout show at the Astrodome in the summer of 1981!)

On to Dallas, Memphis, Kansas City, and St. Louis this weekend…see y’all soon, kc