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Tour Update (5/13/2016)

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

We have only played two shows with Def Leppard and it is already clear that this tour is gonna be something special. I was able to listen to a few songs last night and I was reminded what a great rock band Def Leppard is and what a huge rock show they put on. Maybe more important is how down to earth and friendly the band guys are off stage and how welcome they and their entire crew have already made us feel. It is just gonna get better and better.

Our friends Governor and Mrs. Mike Beebe showed up in Little Rock last night, as well as our long time rock buddy Little David. David was Tommy Aldridge’s drum tech when he played with Black Oak Arkansas. I used to sit with him behind the drum riser and watch Tommy play every night when we opened for Black Oak in 1972. The Beebes have been friends of ours for around ten years now. They are two of our favorite people ever. Mr and Mrs Beebe were beloved as Governor and First Lady and never miss an REO show anywhere in Arkansas.

Tonight we rock the good people of Greensboro…see you then, kc

Photo credit: Mary Ouellette