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Mullet Alert

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so the Live and UnZoomed Tour has wound down, and we want to thank you all for coming out and being part of this amazing tour with us. The final weekend had Dave Amato playing guitar with Loverboy on “Hot Girls in Love”. Mike Reno came out and took the second verse of “Roll with the Changes” and totally nailed every lyric! It had been a while since I sang the second verse of “Blue Collar Man”, but it came right back to me when I joined Styx on stage in New Hampshire. It was bitter/sweet back stage, as everyone was ready to go home, and at the same time all the band and crew members get close during a four-month tour, and I felt a little sad that we were all scattering. But this past summer was too much fun for it to be over for good. Something tells me it won’t be too long before we get this gang together, and do it again.

And speaking of doing it again, I received a random email, by way of a friend, reminding me of an amazing night in New York City in 1991. Donald Fagen of Steely Dan was doing a surprise club gig, Lisa and I were free, so we went down to the Village for the hang and to hear some great music. When we got to the club, Phoebe Snow was already on stage sitting in, and when she saw my unmistakeable mul-fro (half mullet/half Afro), she called my name and I joined in. Phoebe was such a joyful spirit…all about music, inclusiveness, and positive energy. You wouldn’t expect to see this group together on stage making music together, but that is exactly what made that night so much fun. Thanks to Pete Vogel for getting this photo to me, and reminding me of this special night in the Village.

Okay, I’m going back to doing nothing. The re-entry process from tour to home takes a minute…that said, I am happy to be home with Lisa and look forward to reconnecting with the rest of the family and my friends here in California. I miss everyone here.

Check the REO website for upcoming “Evening with REO Speedwagon” dates through October and into November and December. In mid-January 2023 we have a ten-day run of dates in California with special guest Sir Please, featuring Shane Cronin on lead vocal and Josh Cronin on bass. That will be a blast! See you then…much love, kc

Pictured: kc and his hair, Donald Fagen (playing the Hooter), unidentified man (perhaps Pete Vogel), and the late great Phoebe Snow