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Happy Father’s Day

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, I hope all you fathers out there are being served breakfast in bed, smoking cigars, and watching sporting events all day! That is my fantasy of what I would be experiencing if I were at home. As it is, I will be on a tour bus full of lonesome dads, who all miss our wives and children today. But we touring musicians are accustomed to postponing celebrations to fit into our travel schedules, so my family will be spending our own Father’s Day when I return from the road in late June.

Meanwhile, Father’s Day is an opportunity for families to gather, and express their appreciation for one another. Maybe it is a day for fathers and their adult children to reconnect. Or a day to remember a father that has passed away. I will be thinking about my dad, remembering the good times, feeling grateful for the lessons I learned through him, and for the closeness he and I shared over the last few years of his life.

So Happy Father’s Day from the REO Speedwagon family. See you all down the road.
… kc