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Happy 4th!

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

I have a neighbor who left a gift basket on our porch when we moved into our little getaway house. Since then, he and his wife have continued to be friendly and welcoming, have kept an eye on our place when we are away, and shared invaluable local knowledge. They have come to a couple of REO shows, and never asked to be comped. Whenever we talk, we are on the same page about family, parenting, responsibility, and good citizenship. Although I have not gotten into politics with him, my gut tells me that our views likely come down on different sides of some of those issues. But so what? I like the guy, And he is a great neighbor.

I feel it is more important than ever to connect with our neighbors of differing ideologies. As we get to know each other better, then we have the potential to transcend the political stereotypes that we place on one another. On this Fourth of July 2023, I am inspired to “reach across the aisle”, or across the street as the case may be. This country works best when we all work together as fellow Americans.

Have a safe and peaceful Holiday, see you on the road … kc