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From Chicago to Milwaukee

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so we have had a nice two day break here in Chicago, with a little side trip to Joliet, where I was honored to induct my old friend, the late great Gary Loizzo into the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gary was the voice of the American Breed hit, “Bend Me, Shape Me” as well as my first producer, and all-around amazing dude.

So while I’m a little sad to be leaving Chicago, I am psyched to be heading for my wife Lisa’s old stomping grounds, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The people of Wisconsin have been there for us from the early Seventies when we debuted “Ridin the Storm Out” at a basement club called Humpin’ Hanna’s in early 1973, and closed out the Hi Infidelity tour in front of 60,000 at the old Brewers Stadium in August 1981. During the tough years of the early Nineties, we could always count on our loyal cheesehead fans to be there for us, and you all helped us weather that challenging time.

Tonight REO will close the show, with Loverboy going on at 7:00 sharp, and Styx at 8:00…so be sure and arrive early, as you do not want to miss any of this awesome concert. I personally will be rocking extra hard, as Lisa’s cousins will be reporting back to her on my performance. 😎 … much love, kc