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Kevin in Chicago

written by REO Speedwagon

After a rousing three sold-out shows in our first four days back on the road, in the heart of REO Country here in the Midwest, we decided to spend our three day break in my sweet home Chicago. I stepped out of our hotel, and on to Michigan Ave, walked north across the Chicago River and on to the Miracle Mile with a smile on my face as wide as Lake Michigan! I love this city, it’s people, it’s art and architecture, it’s food…our manager Tommy Consolo and I ate seafood linguini and Caesar salads at an outdoor table on Rush St at the amazing Rosebud Restaurant last night. Amazing!

I rented a car this morning, and drove out to Oak Lawn to visit my parents’ burial sites for the first time since they were laid to rest, side by side, as they had spent seventy years together until their passings in 2019. An emotional, yet joyful visit. I knelt on the grass above them, and spoke to Nani and Papa’s spirits, bringing them up to date on what was going on with their grandchildren, and that they would be proud of the fine young adults they have become. Mille and Ted loved their daughter-in-law almost as much as I do, and I assured them that I was loving my wife with all my might. I miss my folks, and felt close to them this afternoon.

Back downtown I treated myself to new luggage, and picked up some gifts for Lisa and the kids. Now it’s time for my vocal workout with the the great Jeffrey Allen…can’t keep him waiting. Much love, stay safe, and we will see you down the road…kc