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Blog Update (9/30/17)

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, our deep appreciation to the people who came to our sold out show at Morongo last night, and supported us as we felt our way through the shorthanded set. You guys are awesome.
The good news is that Dave woke up on the bus this morning with a smile on his face, and that familiar hop in his step. Dave is such an upbeat, positive person, and a total hard worker who loves to get out on stage and do his thing. Last night was the first and only time he has ever looked me in the eyes, and said he couldn’t go on. I know Dave, and he is the last guy who would ever say that. I told him to go up to his room and rest, as there is nothing more important than his health.
We had five minutes to show time, and were dealing with an unprecedented situation. Bruce, Neal, Bryan and I walked out of the dressing room to find our entire crew had gathered to support us, and help in any way they could. We quickly made some basic decisions, and everyone knew that they needed to be ready for anything. It is times like these that we truly appreciate the high level at which our organization operates. Our crew guys are not only pros, they are bros.
We made it through our show as a four piece, with no lead guitar. As I told the audience when we took the stage, “You all are about to witness the weirdest REO Speedwagon show, EVER!” They were with us all the way, and not one person left the theater early. We are humbled and appreciative of the love you all showed us. Your energy was our fuel last night.
Tonight Dave is back, and the band is full speed ahead. Monday we unveil the REO Diamond Award display at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Las Vegas. Tonight and tomorrow we rock for two sold out shows here at the Orleans…all systems go! …much love, kc