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Blog Update (3/28/2017)

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so Neal, tour manager Ken, and I were on our flight from Tulsa to Dallas, on our way to catch our connecting flight to LA, after our ten day mini-tour. All six shows were sold out and the audiences showed us so much love. Our friend Michael Tolcher warmed up the crowd at most of the shows…he is a treat. He sings great and his songwriting is world class, and he is an all around good person.
So Bruce had the idea that we bring our song, “Building The Bridge” back into the set list. We haven’t performed the song live in almost twenty years, but we all agreed the timing was right to work it up. We all felt that the line, “looking for the common ground in every human heart”, was something folks need to be reminded of right now. We played “Bridge” with more passion than ever, and it felt to us like all the people in our audiences perhaps felt a deeper appreciation for this song than ever as well. Judging by their response, the message truly resonated. It was a feel good moment in the set, for sure. I lead up to it with acoustic versions of “Golden Country” and “In My Dreams”, in the hopes that taken together, all three of those songs would send a message of strength, hope and togetherness. It seemed to work…so thanks to everybody who came out to see us in Biloxi, Choctaw, Ardmore, Springfield, Wichita, and Tulsa.
Oh, so back to our flight home…Sitting in the row behind us was a guy in the aisle seat, and next to him was a guitar case, in its own first class seat, strapped in and ready for take off. Curiosity got the best of us, and Ken asked what the deal was with this guitar. As it turns out the dude’s name was Sergio, and his seat mate was a Martin acoustic guitar which was on loan from Kris Kristofferson. Evidentially Kris carries a pocket knife, and he had asked his friends to use it and carve their names on to this guitar. I spotted Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, among others. Sergio was transporting this rare instrument to be displayed at the Grammy Museum in LA. I asked, but he could not allow me to photograph the guitar itself. This photo of Sergio, the guitar inside its case, and me will have to do, but if you are interested, the guitar can be viewed at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles.
Dave and I will be off to Chicago to sing and play the National Anthem on Opening Day at White Sox Park next Monday. Maybe we will see you there.
Okay, that’s all for now…kc