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Winding Down The Spring Tour

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so we bid a temporary fond farewell to our buddy Rick Springfield and his cool band and crew. The partnership between Rick and REO yielded five sold-out shows, and the camaraderie between the camps is stronger than ever. Now we look forward to being joined by our young friends, Levon, and our great old friends, Cheap Trick as we wind down this Spring tour.

On our day off in Spartanburg, SC, we once again took to the streets. We found another cool shop, and scored a few t-shirts for Derek, who is now not only the happiest man in rock and roll, but the best dressed! We grabbed dinner at Burgar, which gets the Best Burgers of the Tour award. And we hit the jackpot on our band movie-night. Tour manager Ken Denson is the organizing force behind these band excursions, and he picked a winner in the new Liam Neeson flick, In the Land of Saints and Sinners. The movie is set in Ireland during The Troubles, and everything about this film appealed to all of us. The well-written story, top-notch acting, no AI special (stupid) effects, plus the natural Irish scenery and cinematography and all Irish cast and production, resulted in the Best Movie Night of the Tour award. I highly recommend braving the multi-plex for this one!

Earlier that afternoon, I found myself happening on to the Spartanburg Music Trail. As I strolled through the city, I came upon several geometric signs that honored various Spartanburg natives who have distinguished themselves in the world of music, some famous, (The Marshall Tucker Band, with whom we shared the stage many times back in the late ‘70s), and others who I was learning about for the first time. One of the more interesting was this plaque, honoring local blues legend, Pinky Anderson. Pinky and fellow blues musician Floyd Council are known for having inspired the name of an iconic British rock band. Can you guess the name of that band?

And speaking of great band names … as we walked along Church Street on our way to dinner, we noticed a barbeque joint called Smokin’ Butthead’s, which we decided was a great name for us when we do unannounced club appearances! There is so much to be learned, people to meet, and fun to be had in the cities and towns we visit as we tour this amazing country … much love, kc