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When in Idaho…You gotta try the fries.

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so I am generally a pretty healthy eater. But there are certain times and places which demand that I break my own rules. One such place is the Boise Fry Company. I just happened to discover this place on a walk through Boise last year. I returned for more last week, and brought along my REO brothers. Being in Idaho, home of Famous Potatoes, and having been raised on burgers and fries, I was powerless. I had to go back!


The place is run by young people. They cut and blanch the potatoes fresh every morning, and offer several Idaho Fry options such as Brown, Russet, Yam, etc. And the Fries are the main course! (You can order a hamburger as a side dish!) There are a dozen different dipping sauce options, including Dave’s fave: Blueberry Ketchup. (Kidding…but Bryan actually like dipping his fries in the blue sauce!) It’s wild! And there is a rainbow of flavored salts, plus a variety of beers on tap. And the vibe is great!


I love to experience local hangouts and haunts as we travel around this great (golden) country. And I love sharing my finds with the awesome REO Fan Family.

Yesterday I explored Allentown, PA and tonight we reunite with our Styx brothers for a big show here in Allentown. Hope to see you there…kc