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Walking In Memphis

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so there are a handful of streets in America which have evolved as homes for musicians, and people who love to hear them play. Think Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Rush Street in Chicago, Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Sixth Street in Austin, Texas, and the infamous intersection of Bleeker Street and McDougall Avenue in the Greenwich Village area of New York City. Well last night we played a sold out show here in Memphis, and this afternoon I’m “walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale”. (Marc Cohen knocked it out of the park with that song.) Beale is definitely on that list of historic music-centric streets I just mentioned. Elvis Presley was raised and started his career here, recording at the iconic Sun Studio. Muscle Shoals Studios are just down the road a piece, and of course there are the live music venues up and down Beale Street. Memphis is credited by many as being the birthplace of rock and roll, and I wouldn’t argue with them. I am drawn to these artsy parts of town, and like to simply walk down streets like Beale, surrounded by kindred spirits who all share a love of live music, and like to have a good time. I just stroll along, look in the windows, listen to the variety of musicians and singers as their music wafts out the doors of the numerous joints up and down Beale. Other than my actual home, I feel most at home in these funky cool districts. And I’m grateful for the men and women who own, run, and work in these venues, large and small, and who give musicians, young and old somewhere to play, and music lovers places to enjoy live music.

So my first show back, post-Covid was a bit of a struggle last Wednesday night in Syracuse. But the 30,000 plus fans who came out to see us carried me on their shoulders, and their energy and support helped me through that all-important “get back on the horse” gig. Last night in Memphis, with Elvis mojo all around me, and another amazing audience, I felt like I was truly back, and the band was rocking at full strength. Our show which was scheduled for Pikeville, KY, was rescheduled due to local Covid concerns, but we are set for our upcoming shows in DuQuoin, IL, and Summerfest in Milwaukee next Thursday .

In September, we return with shows in Las Vegas, Reno, San Jose, and Winterhaven CA, with special guests: Sir, Please. Sir, Please just debuted their first EP at a live listening party for seventy-five friends, in our back yard! The guys recorded the EP in the studio upstairs, and Sir, Please headquarters is our “Man Room”. My wife Lisa treats all of the band members like they are her own, (two of them actually are!), and is always on hand as hostess for their band poker/basketball/beer pong nights, as well as on call for relationship advice. (Lisa was just a few credits shy of her Masters in Psychology at U of W Madison.) The new Sir, Please EP: Simply Loved and Lingered On, is available on Spotify and other music outlets. The guys are all amazing musicians, singers, and songwriters, and the fact that I love them does not at all affect my ability to be objective about their artistry! But find out for yourselves at the upcoming live shows with REO, or download the new EP: Simply Loved and Lingered On by Sir, Please.

Okay, time to get down to the gym, gotta stay healthy and strong. Stay safe, the vaccine works, much love…kc