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Update On Bruce

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

By now you may have heard that Bruce is going in for back surgery and will be missing the upcoming shows. He has been powering through the last couple of tours, doing the best he could under difficult circumstances. But we talked it through and decided that the best thing for him personally, for REO Speedwagon as a band, and for the entire REO organization was for Bruce to be home resting his body and preparing for surgery and the following rehabilitation.

We are very fortunate that our friend, bass guitarist/singer Matt Bissonette was fresh off of touring with Elton John, and available to sub in for Bruce at short notice. We have been working non-stop for the past week, and this weekend’s shows in Vegas, as well as the upcoming tour dates in San Diego, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and Loveland will go on as planned.

Bruce is our brother. And times like these test us all. We have faith that Bruce’s surgery will be successful, that he will make a complete recovery, and that he will be back to being the hard rocking bassist/singer that we all know. Bruce has our love and support, as we have encouraged him to take all the time he needs to get himself back to 100% strength.

There is an unspoken pact in our band that we give it all we’ve got all the time, leave it all on the stage every night, and do our best to live up to my expression that, “Rock and roll will keep you young forever.” Of course Bruce will be missed. But I promise that the upcoming shows will be a powerful representation of all that REO Speedwagon stands for, that we will exceed expectations, and as always, we will keep pushin’ on.


Much love … kc