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“Take It On The Run” on The Voice Last Night

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi Friends, so “Take It On The Run” has been covered by a number of singers over the years, but last night’s performance by young Samantha Howell on NBC’s The Voice blows them all away…by a country mile! Her tone is sweet, she was tasty with her vocal licks, her phrasing was right in the pocket, and perhaps most importantly I could feel the passion in her interpretation of the lyric. I truly loved her performance…almost as much as Kelly Clarkson did!

We did a charity event with Kelly in Nashville, and she joined us on stage to sing harmony on “Take It On The Run” that night. Kelly Clarkson is a genuine sweetheart in person, and her positive energy is contagious. She literally jumped up and down when Brad Paisley introduced us backstage at that Nashville benefit, but I have never seen her as excited as she was last night on The Voice when she heard Samantha sing. Samantha was going to be on #TeamKelly; there was never a doubt!

I will be following Samantha and Kelly on their journey through this season of The Voice, and if they need me for anything, I am there in a heartbeat. Good luck Ladies…kc

Check out the performance: