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written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so forty years ago now the first single release from our Hi Infidelity album, “Keep On Loving You” had reached number one, and was slowly working its way back down the chart. At the same time, our second single, “Take It On The Run” was on its way up, and the records waved as they passed by one another in the Top Ten. “Take It On The Run” would land at number three on the Billboard Singles Chart. This little bar band from Illinois had gone from never having a hit, to having back-to-back Top Five singles. It was pretty awesome!

Forty years ago now we were flying quite high. It was an exciting period in REO history, and one that I write about in detail in my upcoming memoir. There is a reason the book is taking such a long time to finish. I want to share my story, and the story of REO Speedwagon, through my eyes and in my own words. It is taking a while because you all deserve nothing less than my best work. As it turns out, books are quite a bit longer than songs! But I am getting there, and I appreciate your patience and support.

Meanwhile, it is looking like we will be hitting the road later this summer. We have rehearsals scheduled in June, and if Covid cases continue to decline, and people continue getting vaccinated, we have shows beginning in July, and running through the end of the year. It has been a long time since we have been able to enjoy the rush of the house lights dimming, the band taking the stage, and live music filling an amphitheater, arena, or theater. We are looking forward to coming out with a new show and set list, and sharing the excitement of live rock and roll with all of you. We will be releasing tour details as they become available.

I know there are far too many people who have been going through great hardship during the pandemic. Our hearts go out to the members of the REO Fan Family who have lost a loved one, or are suffering through a difficult economic situation. But all we can do is carry on. REO will be there to play some uplifting music and do all we can do to inject the joy of rock and roll into as many lives as possible along the way. There is finally light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it is shining on all of us.

Much love…kc