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Stubborn Weeds & Weather

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so normally when the word “weed” appears in a social media post from a rock band, it means someone got busted going into Canada with gummies in their carry-on luggage. But it is 2024, and even though rock and roll will keep us young forever, the times they are a-changin’. The other day, while sweeping sand and generally cleaning up our driveway, and remembering my father’s advice to “always pull out the entire root, or it will grow right back”, I came across the most stubborn weed of my gardening career. I had to pull hard enough to get it out, but not so hard as to tear the top of said weed from its root system. I needed someone with the perfect combination of extra muscle and finesse. Fortunately, my neighbor Patrick Warburton stopped by.
You all know Patrick from his “Puddy” character on Seinfeld, his ubiquitous National Car Rental spots, and his voice-over work on Family Guy. I know Patrick as the lovable gentle giant, generous founder of the annual Warburton St Jude event in Palm Desert, all-around good dude, and, come to find out, master weeder!

Try as I might, and having cleared my entire driveway of any unwanted plant life, this weed had me stumped. Warbs got right down to business, and after a brief wrestling match, gave a mighty tug, and out it came … roots and all! One of the finest exhibitions of weed extraction I have ever witnessed. Patrick, Lisa, our mutual friend John “Wolky” Wolk and I then retreated to our local dive, er fine dining spot, for a celebratory dinner, and rewarded ourselves for a job well done. Teamwork at its best.

I left for the road the following morning, and have enjoyed sold-out shows in Brandon/ Jackson, Mississippi and last night in Forrest City, Arkansas. The weather in Oklahoma City is threatening to make things messy for tonight’s sold-out outdoor show. But production manager Michael Richter and the amazing REO road crew are making it happen under tough conditions, as always. And as Matt Bissonette said earlier this afternoon, “Tonight there is a 100% chance of ROCK!” … kc