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RIP David Crosby

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, David Crosby meant so much to me. Those first four Byrds albums helped shape who I am as a musician. I heard “Mr Tambourine Man” on the radio, and immediately traded my Gibson ES 335 for a Rickenbacker electric 12-string. I loved those albums and learned to play every song. When I heard that David, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills were putting together a super-group, I flipped out. I bought that first CSN album and wore out the grooves.

My dream would come true when I wrote the song, “Haven’t We Lost Enough” with Stephen, and was part of the recording session with Graham and David. The song would appear on two CSN albums, one of my proudest career moments.

David Crosby and his wife Jan lived a few doors down from Lisa and me in Encino, and welcomed me into their home. By this time their main vice was herbal tea, and we shared a memorable afternoon of tea and music. David had taken a spill on his Harley just up the street, and yet he still showed up for a free recording session, on crutches, and sang his heart out on my song “Hard to Believe”. It is hard believe he is gone…so sad. Rest In Peace David Crosby.  kc