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Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

Hope everyone enjoyed/survived Thanksgiving. Now that our children are all grown, Lisa and I really treasure having the family together. Our sons Shane and Josh are working on music with their old friend, young guitarist/film composer Tristan Beltrami, and I am liking what I hear. I jammed with Tristan in my studio back in ‘16, and he was impressive when he was in high school. The boys stepped up a notch with this new partnership.

Anyway, Shane graduated as a Pop Vocal major and has a cool pad in LA. Josh earned his degree in Music Industry, came home for a few months, and recently had gotten the bug to spread his wings and make a move. I got home from tour just in time to help my son, our final to fly the nest, as he moved the furniture into his new apartment. Our full U-Haul van hit the 101 freeway at 5:15 PM, so we had plenty of time to listen to the Dolly Parton Rockstar album. Lots of great music on this collection, and everyone seems to like the sound of Dolly and me singing “Keep on Loving You” together. The last time my whole family thought I was cool was in 2020 when Season Three of Ozark dropped. This duet with Dolly gave me a much-needed boost in cred!

The final item we squeezed into Josh’s Jeep was a desk he bought on Facebook Marketplace for $25. It is an old-school office desk and weighs a freaking ton! The only way Josh and I could hope to get this piece from point A to point B was with the help of a 28 year-old blue dolly, which I bought on my first trip to Costco.

We could not have done it without Dolly and the dolly, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share an unforgettable bonding experience with my son.
Happy belated Thanksgiving everybody. … kc

PS. Received a photo of the newly repaired Bruce Hall, sitting up in his hospital bed and smiling. The nurse in the shot was all smiles and hands in the air, reacting favorably to Bruce making progress. I am giving him space, while my thoughts are with Bruce and wishing him a full recovery.