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Merry (Ouch!) Christmas

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, I like to extend Holiday greetings on a neutral day. So, I hope that no matter what day or days you celebrate, we can all be thankful for our good fortune and abundance, and do what we can to bring joy to those we love and encounter along the way.
Speaking of which, on my way northwest between Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara this afternoon, I was startled by the sound of crunching metal. Traffic had backed up on the 101 northbound just southeast of Oxnard, and the driver behind me had dropped his cell-phone. As he bent over to pick up his iPhone from the passenger seat floor, he lost sight of the SUV directly ahead in his lane. That would be Me!
I collected myself, swung open my driver’s door, and headed back to confront this bone-head. He was around my age, healthy looking, totally apologetic and cooperative. It was apparent that he felt really bad, but he maintained his sense of humor as he offered his insurance info and said … “So sorry man, you hurt? I’m a chiropractor, and I’ll adjust you right here.” Luckily I am okay, just minor damage to the back of my car.
So yeah, I got rear-ended by a chiropractor. Only in Southern California!
And so we bid a fond farewell to 2023, and look forward to the endless possibilities of ‘24. Let’s all get the new year off to a positive and loving start. I hope to see you all soon. … much love, kc