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Meeting Yung Gravy

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so we were between show days, and chose to spend our day off in Memphis, Tennessee. The city is overflowing with music mojo, and I am always inspired when I find, “my feet ten feet off of Beale”. Beale Street in Memphis is home to several historic blues clubs, and my favorite Elvis statue, but on this day I met a young rapper in front of the hotel which is on the west end of Beale. I was on my way out for bus call, when this enormous dude, dressed to kill, a big ole smile on his face, and surrounded by his impressive posse approached me. It always feels good when a younger artist shares their stories of what my music meant to them. Yung Gravy is young, and very tall, (he is reportedly the tallest rapper, ever!). So ask your kids about Yung Gravy, and share what you hear back here in the comments! I’m curious.
Okay, that’s all for now … onward and upward, kc

PS. That brace on my left hand was due to an over-zealous day of playing the guitar part for the new song that I wrote with my long-time friend, Richard Marx. I played it so much that I ended up with a touch of tendinitis. Richard and I have been buds since Richard’s first tour, when he was our special guest on the Life as we Know It tour, in 1987. We have done numerous charity concerts, Richard produced a song I performed for the movie “Sing”, but we had never written together … until now! We both agree that this song is up there with our best work. More on that to come …