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Kevin Cronin featured on Jim Peterik’s “World Stage” album

written by REO Speedwagon

So it’s cool that Jimmy released his and my version of “Just For You” on the recent World Stage album. He and I recorded the track at Jim’s studio, and REO used that as a template for our recording of the song for The Ballads collection.

Jim and I are both Chicago boys and have been friends since I booked his first band, The Ides of March, to play at my high school homecoming in 1968. We have remained friends through the years, and when Jim formed Survivor, REO took them on the road as our special guest.

Jimmy and I have written a number of songs together. He is such a talented guy, and a sweet human being…not to mention, on a daily basis, being the best-dressed man in rock.

Here are a couple of photos of Jimmy and me in action, and an excerpt from my upcoming memoir where I talk about this special song, “Just For You”.

Listen to “Just For You”

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Seven… Just For You

Even though Epic Records was not interested in releasing an REO Speedwagon album of new material, they were quite excited about the idea of a compilation featuring our most popular love songs. We requested, and they again agreed that we include two new songs. I immediately thought of contacting my old friend Jim Peterik, of “Eye Of The Tiger”, and “The Search Is Over” fame. Jimmy and I go back to our high school days in Chicago. His former band Survivor had toured with REO, and we had written together from time to time over the years. Jim sat down at that same Yamaha grand piano, and the sound of his playing echoed throughout the house. He was playing around with a chord pattern which got my attention, and we dove right in…

“I live, just for you
And I give, just for you
Your love has me wanting to
Be the best man I can be
And I believe in forever
Just for you, and me”

That lyric summed up the sentiment which both Jimmy and I felt for our wives. Peterik married his high school sweetheart Karen, and had written his Ides of March hit, “Vehicle” about her. Lisa and I had met a bit later in life, and I was very happy to give her this gift of a love song, written just for her.

… kc