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Houston Setlist

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

Thanks to all the amazing fans who packed every amphitheater we have played on the Live, and UnZoomed Tour. We get a ten-day break, during which our Loverboy brothers can continue recovering from the freaking Vid.

I have been in touch with my buddy Mike Reno, and in my last message I sent him our actual set list from Sunday night in Houston. We are having so much fun playing and singing “Workin for the Weekend”, we may have to leave it in our set even when Loverboy returns. Maybe bands can be like baseball teams, and trade songs. Maybe Loverboy could do “Ridin the Storm Out”. That seems like a good trade.

What are some other song trades you might suggest among REO, Styx, and Loverboy?
I wonder if Styx would take “Keep Pushin” in a trade for “Blue Collar Man”…I love singing that song! Okay, we could throw in “Tough Guys”, but not the Little Rascals intro.

Come on and join in…this is fun!

Okay, see y’all in Virginia Beach on 8-5, Charolette on 8-6, and Nashville on 8-8. Nashville is always a favorite tour spot of mine. Lots of friends there, and everybody in Nashville loves music. Much love…kc