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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

written by REO Speedwagon

Kiss Me, I’m Irish! … Hi Friends, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our home for a number of reasons. It is my late Father, and his twin brother’s birthday. In 1989, I threw a St. Paddy’s Day party at my Encino house, and was introduced to my wife Lisa that night. She kissed the Blarney Stone I had set up in the yard, and we have been together ever since. Then seven years later, to the day, our daughter Holly was conceived. Her middle name is Patrice, and mine is Patrick. So yeah, St. Paddy’s is kind of a big day around here.

As a proud, native Chicago Irishman, I am saddened at the cancellation of today’s annual parade, and the absence of green dye in the river. But we all need to work together, and take care of others through each of us taking care of ourselves. Once we get on the other side of this crisis, I believe good will come. People from around the world, all races, all faiths, all ancestries, all walks of life will have come together, to battle a common enemy: the killer Covid-19. And together, we will have beaten it. Plus the world will surely be a more hygienic place. I don’t know about you, but my hands have never been cleaner.
So let’s all be careful, as we slow down and savor life’s wonderfully simple gifts. Mother Nature put on a little show today in Los Angeles: it hailed! With schools and workplaces figuring out exactly how to deal with this crisis, Holly is working from our home office. Josh and Shane are making demos upstairs, and will be taking their college classes from home. All that, plus my wife’s kiss on St. Paddy’s Day is about as good as it gets for this Irishman…kc #stpatricksday