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“Good Trouble” Turns 40!

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, so today marks the 40 year anniversary of Good Trouble. Seems like only yesterday I showed up at Sound City Studios, and begged the band to wait until my songs were finished before we began recording! But the guys were right. We needed to continue the momentum of Hi Infidelity. So many people liked the music on Good Trouble, (approaching four million at last count) and there can be no denying the magnificence of our hair in this video! So let’s celebrate the fun we had on the Good Trouble Tour, the lessons we learned, and that fact that we are still rocking forty years later!

See you tonight in Cincinnati, after an attendance record breaking audience (17,000-plus) in Indy last night. Special thanks to those of you who stayed with us, as the rain fell on the lawns in both Detroit and Indianapolis. We all plan another kick-ass show at Riverbend in Cincy. REO, Styx, and Loverboy are tearing it up every night…you do not want to miss this tour.

Much love, stay safe, and remember…rock and roll will keep you young, forever! … kc