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From Vegas to New York

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, well, our second residency at the beautiful Venetian Theater was another big success. I am so proud of our band and crew, as everyone is involved technically, musically, and creatively. We were stuck on a transition in the Hi Infidelity section of the show, and my guitar tech, Paulie K offered a suggestion which solved the issue. That is just one example of the open and creative atmosphere in and around REO Speedwagon, as we gear up for our Summer Road Trip Tour with our buddy Patrick Monahan and Train.

Speaking of which, Tuesday (tomorrow), Dave and I will be joining the Train boys to reprise our mash-up of “Keep on Loving You” and “Drops of Jupiter” on Good Morning America. It is an early wake-up call, (4:00 AM Eastern Time!), but well worth it, as we continue to spread the good word about the combination of REO and Train.

So tune in or set your DVR to ABC on Tuesday morning, and come out and see us live on our Summer Road Trip Tour. Much love … kc