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Check Out Our Young Friends, LEVON

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, many of you have had the pleasure of hearing our young friends, Levon as they have opened some fifty shows for us over the past four-plus years. I fell in love with their music the first time I heard them, and since have gotten to know the guys personally, and they are as cool and genuine as it gets. I love Michael, Ryan, and Jake like they were my (much) younger brothers! They are so good, they work so hard, and are deserving of great success. Which is why I am asking you to give their brand new video a view/listen, check out their social media, and spread the word about Levon.

Meanwhile, we are winding down a crazy tour leg which took us from two shows with Styx in Reno and Laughlin, Nevada, then off for shows in Philly and Johnstown, PA, (Nice routing, right!), back to Green Bay and Omaha with our new friends, the Mavericks, and a final stop back in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Yikes! We have put some serious mileage on the tour bus over the past ten days.

After a short rest at home, we load into Mates Rehearsal Studios, and begin the serious work of putting together the first weekend of our “A Night of Hi Infidelity … and More!” presentation. From the time you enter the theater at the Venetian, you will be immersed in the vibe of 1980. We will be performing the entire Hi Infidelity album, live and in sequence. There will be an unplugged acoustic segment, including “In My Dreams” and other surprises, and then a hits segment that will blow the lid off the joint! I have been working with the band on all the music, and with our lighting/creative director Paul Dexter to make this an exciting trip through the history of REO Speedwagon, the incredible journey of the Eighties, and into the present. A lot of time and energy is going into this project, as it is an ambitious undertaking, including several audio/visual segments. I can honestly say this is a must-see concert for anyone who is part of the REO Fan Family. The first two dates are the weekend of November 10 and 11, at the Venetian Theater.

Okay, back to work, see you all down the road, and check out Levon… you will not be disappointed! … kc