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Blog Update (8/13/17)

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, just pulled into the gig here in Bristow, Virginia. They really know how to make the bands feel welcome here, right? The food in catering was delish: Tofu Pad Thai, brocolini, a wedge salad, fresh dinner rolls. Tommy Shaw was just showing me photos of his lunch, which looked great as well.
We felt like rocking a bit harder last night in Atlantic City, so we switched up the set list a bit. It was so much fun that we decided to stick with it for now. We subbed in “Like You Do”, and gave “Golden Country” a little rest. Both songs are from the REO/TWO album, which we recorded in Nashville back in 1972. “Like You Do” was the first song REO song I learned when I joined the band. Originally the long ending segment was completely instrumental, but when I heard the demo I immediately heard vocal parts over that section. I think I surprised the band when I started singing in that spot, but Gary dug it and started playing off my ad libs. As I think back, “Like You Do” was really the track where the partnership between Gary and I as lead guitarist and lead singer began. I can’t help but think of him when I sing those parts, but Dave does such an awesome job of maintaining the soul of of the part, while still injecting himself in there. Dave has had big shoes to fill over the past twenty-eight years, and has surpassed all expectations.
I know all too well how tough it is to play or sing parts which were handled by someone else on the record. We are very fortunate to have met Dave Amato. I’m not sure anyone else could have balanced out recreating the classic REO guitar parts, and still making them his own quite like Dave has so successfully done,
Okay, I better quit writing and get my head in the game here. It is a beautiful Virginia night, and this crowd is hungry for some good ole Midwest rock’n roll…just the way Styx and REO serve it up. That’s all for now…kc