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Billings, Sand Point, and Idaho Falls

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

Well, we are officially back on the road again. After taking most of July off to spend some summer-time with family and friends, we regrouped this past weekend for sold out shows in Billings, Sand Point, and Idaho Falls. The audiences’ response at all three of these shows were awesome. It was the perfect way for us to get back in the swing of touring. So thanks to everyone!

In Sand Point, I made the tactical error of attempting to hike the trail up the ski mountain rather than take a chair lift, like every other sane person in the REO entourage. But the longer I hiked, (all uphill), the further the top of the mountain appeared. I was getting nowhere fast. My mind wanted to keep heading up, but my legs ultimately won the day … and it was the right choice. I was reminded to be satisfied with giving 100% effort and always doing the best I can. The day ended well, as I met Bryan and our manager Tommy for dinner, outside on the patio at the Crow’s Bench restaurant.

When I looked out my hotel room window the next day in Idaho Falls, and saw a hiking trail along the Snake River, naturally I put on my running/walking shoes and headed out to find the Falls. Fortunately, the mountains were off in the distance, and meant to be enjoyed from afar! The Falls were less than a mile from our hotel, and they are something special. The waterfall goes on for a quarter-mile, down the middle of the river …I have never seen anything quite like it. Plus, I love the soothing sound of a waterfall. On my way back danger struck, as I came face to face with this huge bull moose. Apparently my chill vibe calmed the beast, as he stood motionless and never seemed to even notice me!

Tomorrow we head for Rapid City, SD, and on into Sturgis for the annual motorcycle rally. Thousands of Harley riders from around the world gather here each year to show off their bikes, drink heavily, (when they are not driving/riding), and enjoy top name bands at the Buffalo Chip concert. Tuesday will be our first show with Styx since our amazing 2022 UnZoomed Tour. I am looking forward to see the Styx boys, and revisiting the site of Robbie Knievil, (son of the infamous Evil Knievil), jumping our 50 foot wide stage on his motorcycle! We sat and watched him shoot tequila in our dressing room, mount his bike, (totally hammered), and fly his bike over our stage, with all our equipment set up below! It was the craziest stunt I have ever witnessed at one of our shows. Robbie wound up with a broken ankle, assorted bumps and bruises, a smile on his face and a drink in his hand; a true rock and roller!

Okay, back to working on my book here in our hotel in Casper, Wyoming. I was ready to hand it in, (again), but decided it needed a bit more of my tender loving care. I am in no big hurry to finish … actually I enjoy the process so much that writing my book has become my hobby. But I know there are those of you who are waiting very patiently, and I promise I will work hard on it during this summer tour. It will be finished when it’s finished, but as soon as possible. What can I say?!

Onward and upward … kc


Looking down from Sand Point trail