Lost In A Dream

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Mike Murphy Vocals
Gary Richrath Lead Guitar
Gregg Philbin Bass
Neal Doughty Keyboards, Synthesizer
Alan Gratzer Drums

  1. Give Me A Ride (Roller Coaster) Lyrics

    Give me a ride on your roller coaster
    Give me a thrill, I can’t help feelin’ bored
    Give me a dime to call my baby closer
    ‘Cause I’m alone, I’m feelin’ bored
    I can’t help thinking I’m ignored

    I’ve been away far too long to recall
    Just what it’s like to be among my friends
    Give me a pill to ease my nervous tension
    ‘Cause I can’t hardly see the end
    I long to be among my friends

    I’ve been on the road for too long, I don’t know
    I’m walking around and I don’t know where to go.
    Well I’m half-crazed and I don’t know who to be
    Won’t you please! Help me please!
    Won’t you please! I long to be at ease!

    Give me a ride on your magic carpet
    Take me away from this mediocrity
    What must I do to get me feeling better
    I guess it all boils down to me
    Responsibility’s on me

    Words & Music Mike Murphy
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  2. Throw The Chains Away Lyrics

    I’ll be your builder, skilled at the tasks you ask
    I’ll be you sinner baby, allowing my soul to be sold

    But I’m drawing the line there woman
    I ain’t takin’ no more abuse
    I’ll be puttin’ my foot down and then
    Throw the chains away

    Locked in your prison, much too late for escape
    Your walls are closin’ in, let’s tie the knot while we’re hot

    Bells are ringing, but my ears won’t hear
    And you’re comin’ for me, with the chains and the key

    Words & Music Gary Richrath
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  3. Sky Blues Lyrics

    I was sittin’ on a plane, I was lookin’ at the dreary day
    I saw somebody, she was sittin’ just an aisle away
    She was a first class lady, and I knew that she looked refined
    My heart started thumpin’ louder than the engine whine

    I got the sky blues– I’m up in the air
    Runnin’ from a lady who just don’t care
    And all I wanna do is get down to earth with you
    Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo, I got the sky blues
    Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo, I got the sky blues

    Well, I sat down beside her and I told her I was feeling blue
    I said, “My girl don’t want me and it’s breaking my heart in two”
    Well I felt so bad that I didn’t even stick around. I said,
    “We may be flying but heart’s draggin’ on the ground.”

    Words & Music Neal Doughty
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  4. You Can Fly Lyrics

    Expanse of land that would cushion your fall
    As you tumble down from the sky
    Marble cakes of delicious design and
    They’re yours, you can fly
    I have no wings but I wish that I had
    I have dreams about it every night
    And I can soar with the wind in my face
    On my flight, on my flight

    Won’t you try and just bother
    Won’t you bother to care
    And then somehow or other
    You’ll be there

    Cotton clouds look like mountainous land
    Covered by December snow
    And I can see from my majestic view
    Down below, yes I know

    Words & Music Mike Murphy
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  5. Lost In A Dream Lyrics

    Lost, lost in a dream (It’s a dream)
    And I think, it’s some evil scheme
    They say, that I don’t feel, what I feel
    But I know, that this ain’t no game

    What am I supposed to lie?
    That ain’t what I’m saying
    You’re telling me that I could be
    A little insane
    I tell myself to pull myself
    Together again
    ‘Cause I
    Ain’t been the same

    Words & Music Mike Murphy & Bruce Hall
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  6. Down By The Dam Lyrics

    Ambush on her body, down by the dam
    She wasn’t afraid of anybody until, down by the dam

    Criminal running from the law,
    Hiding in the high grass
    The lady saw death from a mescaline high
    High in the high grass
    And the police ain’t never around
    When you need them,
    But the criminal’s ready to pounce
    If you get near him

    Vigilante fires, the flames are gettin’ higher
    Down by the dam
    Temper’s gettin’ hot oh there’s blood for the pot,
    Down by the dam

    Words & Music Gary Richrath
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  7. Do Your Best Lyrics

    Don’t you know you better watch this man,
    Better look him in the eye
    See if he returns your look or if he
    Tries to stay a little shy
    Maybe soon you’ll get involved again
    Better best beware
    You may expose this man for what he is,
    And prove he just doesn’t care

    And I believe in the things that I said
    And the prosecution rests
    But if you’re gonna try and defend this man
    I said you better do your doggone best

    He’s been consistent for quite a few years
    Said he always acts the same
    Check the record of the things that he’s done
    And you’ll know the nature of his game

    Words & Music Mike Murphy
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  8. Wild As The Western Wind Lyrics

    Outlaw running from the law but he’s
    Got nowhere to run to
    Big law he broke it and ran faster
    Than the lightning bolt
    Chasing down the golden sun, running away
    From the blue
    He ran with no direction in mind, just
    Running like a crazy colt

    And he’s gonna run let the four winds slap his face
    He’s gonna fly, let the sky be his guide
    He’s gonna lie beneath a blanket of stars
    He’s gonna run, wild as the western wind

    Bad lands are sheltering him, maybe Dakota’s
    His home
    Red man’s become his friend, when no one else
    Would have him
    There’s an Indian woman who keeps him from
    Being alone
    She stands tall by his side, but the law’s
    Got him out on a limb

    Words & Music Gary Richrath
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  9. They're On The Road Lyrics

    It’s the season of the golden leaves
    When the wind turns into a bitter breeze

    I was walking thru the oak leaves on the hill
    With my lady, oh she’s got a strong will
    And I see her thru these ever-clouded eyes
    This time it’s goodbye and I can’t answer why

    Maybe it’s because I ain’t quite shy of running yet
    Or maybe it’s because I’m the hometown boy in the spotlight
    But my roots ain’t in the ground
    They’re on the road

    Settle down was all I ever heard from her
    “If you cared,” she said, “you would weigh my words”
    But my life doesn’t ride on the factory road
    Baby, don’t ask me why, I can’t even pretend to know

    Words & Music Mike Murphy
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

  10. I'm Feelin Good Lyrics

    There just ain’t no reason for the way that I feel
    The way that I feel, but I’m feeling good

    Lately things just ain’t been going quite like they should
    Quite like they should, but I still feel good

    Let me explain that I witnessed the end of the world
    Like someone had hurled all the weight on me

    I couldn’t see from my funeral walk just what I needed
    Just what I needed, but I couldn’t see

    I spent the last few weeks with a chip on my shoulder
    I thought that I was alone with my tragedy (I couldn’t take it)

    But if I see myself like an actor in a play,
    It makes me feel better; I’m not the only one
    Who doesn’t get his way

    Words & Music Neal Doughty & Mike Murphy
    ©1974 CBS Inc., all rights reserved

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