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Addition to Band and Crew Coma

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

After an all-night flight, (courtesy of Jim Irsay and his personal 737), and a much too early wake-up call, I needed a little nap during soundcheck today. Next thing I know I’m being spooned by a dude! I often sing the praises of the REO crew, as they are our unsung brothers, and sister! But our seventeen-year veteran production manager, Michael Richter is apparently attempting to take things to a whole other level!

But seriously folks, on this little four-day run, the guys have been working with three trucks criss-crossing the country, three sets of equipment, and some extremely unique “venues”. They set up our awesome B-rig production this afternoon, on two hours sleep. And when we arrived a few hours later, the gear was up and running seamlessly. Everyone was sleep-deprived and over-worked, and still totally cool.

The band gets all the glory, but without our team of behind the scenes experts, we are screwed! I will now take a moment to shout out our colorful road crew: Dave’s guitar tech: Tony “T-Byrd” Byrd, Monitor engineer: Pete Roberts, Lighting Designer: Paul Dexter, Bryan’s drum tech: John Aldridge, King of Cotton: Ricky Lathrop, Tour Manager: Ken Denson, Stage Manager: Chris Maguire, Front of House Sound: Joe Walsh, KC guitar tech: Paulie Karoutas, Production Assistant, Marie Claire “MC” Cazorla, Bruce and Derek’s tech: Sean Dylan, and their fearless leader, the aforementioned REO Production Manager: Michael Richter.

I have the greatest respect and love for the REO Crew. We are a band and crew of brothers. … kc

PS. We go into production rehearsals starting this coming Tuesday, as the final countdown begins for “An Evening of Hi Infidelity … and More”. I am so ready to play the entire album in sequence, for the first time in front of a live audience, and to breathe new life into some rarely performed deep cuts. We have put together an ambitious production and challenged ourselves musically, with the intended goal of once again exceeding expectations, and having a blast doing it! This concert event is an immersive trip back to the Dawn of the 1980s, along with an encapsulated history of REO Speedwagon. Okay, I need an actual nap now! … kc