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A little restaurant in DC…

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, it was in this little restaurant on M Street in Georgetown, DC, in the summer of 1985, that Tommy Consolo and I went out for an authentic Italian meal. We were waiting for our Tiramisu, when the manager came to our table and told Tom there was an important call for him, and he could take it in the office. (Hard to imagine a world without cell phones!) When he returned, Tom looks at me and says, “You did it again … you f@#king did it again. “Can’t Fight This Feeling” hits number one tomorrow!”. I will always remember that moment. It felt like redemption, vindication, elation!!! Proof that Hi Infidelity had not been a fluke …our second #1 record!
But as nice as it was for Tommy to lay the credit at my feet, I know better. It takes a powerful team, with everyone working to their fullest abilities, and loyal fans all around the world to take that song into their hearts, in order for a song to reach number one. So thanks again to everyone who made my little song their song, and who comes out to see us play it live and sings along every night on the tour.
Now, if you don’t mind, I will finish my capellini and meatballs, and toast the amazing REO team, and our awesome REO Fan Family. much love … kc