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Reno the person, not the City!

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, the heat-index was north of 100 degrees last week when Loverboy hit the west-facing stage, in front of 10,000, on a Monday night at the Walmart Amphitheater. Reno sang his ass off, (and made it look easy, as usual). I was standing under that same blazing Sun, an act of solidarity in the stage-right wing for their entire set, and loving every minute of it, (couldn’t resist). Mike came over during the intro to “Turn Me Loose” (he hits that “dog-note” every night!), and I did my best “James Brown cape-wrangler” impersonation in an attempt to cool Reno down a bit. 
By the time Styx came on, the stage temperature had dropped to a balmy 97 degrees (heat index of only 102) yet the band members came out in full sartorial splendor, keeping the entire crowd on their feet for their unbelievably tight and hit-filled set…including their crowd-favorite “Mr Roboto”. Styx music is as powerful as it is intricate, the band’s virtuosity undeniable, and Tommy Shaw’s sheer joy is contagious!
The atmospheric conditions were slightly more conducive to human life when we came out, as it was our turn to go on after dark that night. I like to catch both our touring partners’ sets when we are in the closing slot, as hearing Styx and Loverboy gets me fired up. I need to feel ten-feet-tall when I walk on stage following those great bands. Our set list is hits, with surprises sprinkled in, new and upgraded production values, and the band’s energy level never lets up. Every stop on this tour has been in front of amazing audiences; I look forward to every show. The good vibe backstage makes the whole thing even more fun, as we remain mindful of one another’s safety and health. 

We get a nice break at home for the July Fourth holiday, and then pick up again in Denver on July 8 for our West and Southwest run. You must not miss this tour…or you will hate yourself forever 😎… kc