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Memorial Day 2020

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, the days do seem to run together here lately, yet there are certain ones which hold a deep meaning for me; today is one of them. My Father, rest his soul, was plucked out of his first year at Loyola University School of Business, crossed the Atlantic with hundreds of brave, yet frightened young men, and was dropped in a foxhole in Nazi Germany. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, the bloodiest of World War Two, and saw many of his fellow soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice for the country they loved. I never missed calling him on Memorial Day to thank him for his service. I miss my Dad every day, but especially today. Thanks to all who have so selflessly served, so the rest of us can remain free. God bless all of these American heroes, and God Bless America…kc

PS. This photo of my Father was taken two weeks before his death, in January 2019. He was holding the hand of his beloved daughter-in-law Lisa, sitting in his favorite spot, in the house he loved. My wife and my Dad had a special bond, and he was happy for me that I found Lisa.