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Kevin Reflects on Filming Sammy Hagar’s 2020 Birthday Bash

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, this year’s Birthday Bash was filled with emotion…and a ton of fun. We were on and off boats every day to get to the remote location of Two Harbors on the Catalina isthmus. The island itself is a treasure, and being there with Lisa, Sammy and Kari, Rick Springfield, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson, Jason Bonham, Tommy Consolo, and the rest of the extended Sammy Hagar Family was a treat.
I felt the rock and roll energy coming from the stage as we played live, and hearing back some of the mixes for this Saturday’s Pay-Per-View event, I was blown away. This was the first time any of us had performed for an actual audience in seven months…we were all very hungry. I don’t know about you, but Lisa and I will be at home this Saturday night, watching the concert, plus all of the wrap-around footage from our time on beautiful Catalina Island. We managed to rock hard, while still staying safe and healthy. I only took off my mask to sing, kiss my wife…and of course to enjoy Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum!
Here are a few photos from the 2020 Birthday Bash. There are Sam and I, (and a hot chick with a mask:), planning out strategy for the show. Originally we were going to sing “Right Now” together, but with the passing of Eddie Van Halen we decided it would be best for Sammy to sing the song himself, as he dedicated that song to Eddie’s memory. As I have said, the world lost a great guitar player, but Sammy lost a dear friend. Then Sam and I are seen side-stage left, watching Rick sing “Jessie’s Girl”, and getting ready to join in for background vocals on “I’ve Done Everything For You”. Naturally, my wife wanted a photo with our buddy Rick Springfield. And there I am, on the boat ride home, looking at the woman I love.
Here is some ticket info for this Saturday night! Hope you can make it. Much love…kc
PS. I missed my deadline for a new episode of Songs and Stories this week. I really appreciate your continuing support of my efforts here at Camp Cronin, and promise I will be back up to speed for next Thursday!