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“Keep On Loving You” Music Video Approaching 40 Million Views!

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends, soon after we finished the recording sessions for Hi Infidelity, we got word from Epic Records that we needed to make music videos for four of the songs on the album. We had no idea why we needed to do this, nor did we have any input into the concept…we simply showed up at the Burbank Studios.

I remember when we first read the treatment for the “Keep On Loving You” clip. I was supposed to be laying on a psychiatrist couch, telling the doctor, (who of course takes off her black rimmed glasses, and let’s down her hair), about a dream I had about a beautiful woman. It was at that moment when I realized that I needed to stick with music, as I had zero acting ability. That video remains right up there with the Nine Lives album cover in my top five most embarrassing career moments. The one redeeming moment in the script is when Bruce is shown, “sipping a green liquor”. This was all before MTV came on the air later that year, in August of 1981, so we figured no one would ever see that video for “Keep On Loving You”, or any of the others we shot that day in Burbank. In actuality, I am told that clip is nearing 40 million views, and that I should encourage people to watch it so it reaches that milestone. But the truth is, my performance is so excruciatingly lame that I can’t go through with it!

Meanwhile, we start production rehearsals here in LA in June, and if all goes well, people get vaccinated, and Covid cases continue to drop, we will be playing a festival outside of Chicago, in Romeoville, IL, with our road-buddies Styx on July 1. Everyone in our band and crew have all received Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines…and we are all doing great. So please get your vaccines, and then we can all get back to work, school, and having live music concerts again.

Much love to the REO Fan Family…kc