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KC Blog Update 04/23/19

written by REO Speedwagon

Hi friends,

I know it has been far too long since I posted here. I miss you all. The thing is, I am working on the ultimate blog…a book!

I had no intention of writing a book. I started it by accident back in December of 2016, on the first day of our tour of Great Britain with Status Quo…and never stopped.

I haven’t forgotten about you all…far from it. In recounting the many stories of my life within and without REO Speedwagon, I have been reminded of how much I owe to each and all of you. Had you not taken my songs into your hearts, I would not be here today. My book is a gigantic thank-you note to each of you.

I promise I will try to be more present here on the REO Facebook page, and at We have a great 2019 ahead of us, with mostly “evening with” shows, and we are all chomping to get out there.

Since Bruce moved to Florida, and Neal to Arizona, it has been more challenging to get the band together during our time off. But we actually rehearsed in LA earlier this year…and it was great fun. We are looking at working up some songs we have rarely if ever played live.

So come on out and join us on tour this Spring and Summer. We are psyched to see you all.

Much love…kc